In the beginning…

our story

Once upon a time, or in 2005, there lived a young(ish) lady who worked for a mouse.  While working for this mouse she studied wine. Many hours of study and tasting wine led this young(ish) lady to pass a couple of exams.  These exams were for the Court of Master Sommelier, and she (Laura) became a Certified Sommelier in 2005.

Laura left the mouse and headed to Oregon and Washington where she gained more knowledge and more appreciation for the Pacific Northwest wines.  Alas, the incredible wines weren’t enough to keep her, and so, warm weather and sunshine called her home to stay. 

Meanwhile an unsuspecting gent, originally from England, by way of Canada, was living in Clearwater.  One day, by landing in the right place at the right time, Howard was blown into Laura’s life.  Sharing a love of incredible food, wine, beer, travel, sunshine, warm weather, conversations, and zany antics, Howard and Laura soon became partners and partners by deciding to open Tapping The Vine™.

Laughter leads the way.  The bond of wine and food never ends, and the flavor discoveries along the way continue to encourage and invigorate both Howard and Laura.  Being “not typical” is their life motto.